Mount Shasta School for the Gifted

Over on Eden Studios’ bulletin board for WitchCraft, Thom Marrion posted a quick write-up for the Mount Shasta School for the Gifted — which, in the case of the WitchCraft universe, is quite literally the case.

The first application that comes to mind is a model for a school days campaign. The curriculum Thom created lays out how players can expect their characters’ supernatural abilities to develop over four years of game time, although certainly with enough room for characters to avoid the danger of having exactly the same skillset as everyone else in the group.

Another possibility that comes to mind is a group playing the faculty and staff of such a school. Mount Shasta is small enough — fewer than fifty students at any given time — that the traditionally sized play group could easily take the places of heads of house, other teachers and support roles. You can have the usual school year lunacy with student projects gone awry and academic in-fighting; “colleague development days,” where everyone’s got to go on a quest for a book from Dilmun, say, or make a significant contribution to the surrounding community of Mundanes; and recruiting drives, since other Covenants like the Rosicrucians and Cabal of the Psyche like to hoover up as many Gifted suitable for molding as they can manage.

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