Something in Lake Champlain Uses Bio-Sonar

Cryptozoology blog Cryptomundo, which provided some interesting coverage of the summer’s major Champ sighting, also reported a presentation on the use of bio-sonar in Lake Champlain at ECHO Lake Aquarium in mid-July:

Bio-acoustician E. von Muggenthaler will discuss her research that led to the discovery of bio-sonar signals in Lake Champlain. Only dolphins and whales echolocate underwater, as a form of communication and as a food searching technique, and there are none in this Lake. What creature is making this high frequency sound?

Cryptomundo goes on to discuss Elizabeth von Muggenthaler’s research into the use of sound by animals for communication and navigation, including giraffes, rhinos and okapi.

Let’s think about just what’s swishing around the lake, sending out bio-sonar signals and generally befuddling your player’s characters in a game of paranormal weirdness.

It really is Champ.

Vermont’s favorite lake monster, fabled descendant of a bygone epoch, enjoys the security of shrouding in myth. The creature uses bio-sonar to navigate the depths of the lake. The PCs, on a cryptozoological research expedition, track the signal to a secluded cove . . . when all of a sudden, the source emitting the bio-sonar appears to multiply twelvefold.

It really isn’t Champ.

The researcher claiming to have detected bio-sonar signals in the lake really just wants to drum up media and public interest to spin into support for their other, tenuously related pet project. Or maybe they’re just a glory-hound looking to hop on the dubious fame train other pseudo-scientists through the years rode.

It’s something else completely.

A mad scientist or bio-thaumaturge taking advantage of the relatively secluded nature of Vermont, yet still with access to metropolitan areas, has released a brand new kind of creature into the lake’s ecosystem to see how it fares. Unfortunately, the many grafted-on abilities, such as bio-sonar, take a heavy toll on the creature’s metabolism, forcing to become increasingly bolder when searching for food. It’s only a matter of time before it visits a major swimming beach.

5 thoughts on “Something in Lake Champlain Uses Bio-Sonar

    • I hear Strange World is due out this year. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

      Speaking of Brad Younie, are you going to post a report on this year’s OGC anywhere?

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