The ENnie Awards Voting Booth is Open

ennies_i_voted _square_09The ENnie Awards, the roleplaying game awards determined by hobbyists, are open for voting. I found the breadth and variety of product rather dizzying. While I’d heard of most of the nominees, I don’t think I’ve even flipped through a tenth of them, let alone purchased to read or play — and I should point out that was largely by choice, as everything RPG-related I’ve been interested in over the nomination period either wasn’t included or didn’t merit a vote, in my estimation. So I made my votes in those categories where I felt sufficiently informed, namely Best Podcast and Fan’s Favorite Publisher, and submitted my ballot.

Go take a look over what’s up for an ENnie this year. Even if you haven’t heard of anything, it’s a great resource for finding out what came out in the last year that garnered enough internet buzz to merit nomination. The polls close August 1st, so get moving.


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