New Character, New GM

Sunday afternoon, I went to a character creation session for a horror campaign meant, in part, as a playtest of the new edition of GURPS Horror. It’s set in postwar Berlin, with the characters being members of a shadowy extra-governmental agency intent on keeping the worst of Nazi scientists from being recruited by either the Americans or the Russians. There will be, I’m told, Things Man Was Not Meant to Know.

So naturally I made a weird science engineer. The details have yet to be fully worked out, but this is what I’m seeing: Joe — or maybe Frank; whatever I choose, it’ll be a good, hearty American name, as he’s the first generation of his family born in America and they wanted him to assimilate as quickly as possible — started out in Brooklyn, became an auto mechanic, taking night classes on the side. On joining up after Pearl Harbor and going through basic training, he was assigned to the Engineering Corps. From there, bad luck put him in what became a clean-up crew for the oddest phenomena and mad science experiments in which either side of the war engaged.

Being a clear-eyed rational American, naturally Joe — or Frank — is certain every phenomena is ultimately explicable. So part of the reason he works for this shadowy agency — and, in part, why they picked him — is he’s compelled to dig to the bottom of the pseudoscience these Nazi loons promulgated. In a game of eldritch horror, this can only end badly. But at least it’ll be a good chance to test out whatever madness rules this new edition of GURPS Horror has.

I only just met the GM last week, after answering an ad on the local game store’s online bulletin board. He seems an okay fellow. It’s hard to tell from only two meetings, but I’m optimistic. The real truth will come from play. I think our play styles can mesh, but he’s more crunch and accuracy-oriented than I typically like to play. As long as the action keeps moving forward, I think things will be okay.


2 thoughts on “New Character, New GM

  1. On behalf of Franks everywhere I have to vote for Joe. 🙂

    (Actually, I have a character with a similar background whose name is Johnny for that same reason. His father is an industrialist from turn-of-the-century Pennsylvania who worked his way up from the factory floor to become a bigwig in the steel industry; his mother was a secretary in a German company he was sent to do business with. This is in Joe W.’s GURPS pulp game.)

    • Frank and Joe are archetypal pulp and horror names.

      Frank Steel. Joe Diamond. Pick one and tack a mineral or alloy on the end and you’ve got an instant pulp hero.

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