RPG Geek Goes Into Open Beta

A couple weeks ago now, the staff of RPG Geek announced the site’s passage into open beta. RPG Geek seems to be a cousin, if not outright sibling, of the megasite Boardgamegeek.com. If Boardgamegeek.com’s format and content is anything to go by, there will be a steadily torrent of pictures, component scans, play aids and feisty discussion about every aspect of roleplaying games and ways to play them.

People interested in participating in the open beta should visit the site’s Google group. Once accepted there, you get access to the beta site. It looks pretty much just like the original Boardgamegeek, except a lot of the front page content is related to roleplaying games. Right now they’re expanding the database of titles and people, uploading cover scans and sorting out the bugs cropping

What this means for RPG.net’s Game Index, which fulfills a function very similar to Boardgamegeek in the RPG arena, remains to be seen. The Boardgamegeek brand has a lot of internet cred among its adherents. (It also has a fair bit of anti-cred in other online communities, I’ve learned in the last couple days.) A portion of the future user base for RPG Geek will certainly make the jump from Boardgamegeek, but by no means all. So a significant portion of RPG Geek’s community will have to come from other sites like RPG.net, ENWorldTheRPGSite.com, Story Games and The Forge, most likely.

[Thanks to The Escapist for the tip-off.]


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