Carnage 12 Needs GMs

Carnage's 2009 logo, in keeping with the non-theme "Nothing But Carnage."

Carnage's 2009 logo, in keeping with the non-theme "Nothing But Carnage."

Extra, extra!

The second call is going out across the internet — via outlets like Green Mountain Roleplayers, Northern New England Gamers, Unity Games and more — that Carnage, Vermont’s longest-running game convention, is still looking for GMs to run board games and roleplaying games.

Dr. Nik, the roleplaying game field marshal, writes, in part:

GAME MASTERS! Our Success Depends On You! This year, for Nothin’ But Carnage, we ask all of you, past, present and future, to channel the inner gm and run a game at Carnage 12. We’ve missed a lot of you, dust an old game off and bring it back, develop that idea, or learn that new board game you picked up. We want you to be a part and help continue to make carnage great. For those of you who have yet to experience running a game at carnage, please take an opportunity to come to Carnage 12 and bring a game or 2 to share. Carnage offers complimentary registration to play in any other games if you run in 2 slots, and we try to extend the love and honor that you deserve. Step on over and run a game in the Lovecraftian Resort of Lake Morey!

Meanwhile, Rod Sheldon seeks still more board game mavens to show off their own skills at teaching and moderating board games. There’s an updated version of the board game wish list on a news post on Northeast Wars’ site, taking into account games they’ve already booked.

Nothing But Carnage runs November 6th – 8th in Fairlee, VT at the Lake Morey Resort. The hotel, while large, fills quickly thanks to early bird reservations, so you may need to inquire with the Carnage staff about overflow accommodations.

Game masters looking to run something should get their events in by August 5th. That’s the final deadline to be included in the pre-convention book mailing, which is pretty key for getting advance notice about your game out to the playing masses.


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