All Games Considered

All Games Considered is a podcast based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Like the name implies, they cover all sorts of games, albeit with a strong lean towards roleplaying games because, hey, that’s how the hosts roll.

The content tends to be a grab bag of commentary on new games and aspects of gaming, like the on-going “Mags the Axe School of Gamemastering” series, press releases, and interviews from convention hall floors — thanks to their location in Louisville, the hosts tend to get around to both big and small conventions; I’m mildly jealous. They also have recurring segments from contributors, actual play reports from the RPG Buffet group, captained by now-host Mags, and Games You Never Heard Of, with correspondent Ben Balestra talking about just that.

When I first began listening to All Games Considered back in, golly, 2006, it was mostly because I liked they covered a broad range of topics, always coming back to RPGs. As time has passed, though, this curious fondness has grown. The hosts are all friends in real life and it shows in their banter. That camaraderie is mostly why I keep downloading new episodes, as my hunger for news of the latest and greatest slackened appreciably since the latest ultimately isn’t all that different from the oldest; they do things differently with similar results.

But that’s another post. All Games Considered is a solid gaming podcast with a strong cast of hosts who bring their personalities to the table, but don’t let that overwhelm the conversation. They have an impressive back catalog to sample from. Being the kind of “live in the now” person I am, however, I’ll recommend you download whatever episode is newest when you visit their site and give that a try.

Addendum, July 16, 2009: The same day this article was originally posted, AGC announced they had been nominated for an Ennie Award. If that’s not a sign of quality, I don’t know what is.


2 thoughts on “All Games Considered

  1. Hey there!

    I just found this tonight, and wanted to thank you for the kind words. I think I can safely speak for everyone that we’re glad you’re enjoying the show, and hope to keep it up into the future.

    Thanks again!

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