Council of Five Nations XXXII

The call has gone out for Council of Five Nations XXXII. Last night, Dave Cheng posted an email to, among other places, the Green Mountain Roleplayers email list, saying in part,

Hello Northeast Gamers,

About 1,400 of you have either already received or will soon receive a bright orange postcard from us.  Orange is the color of Autumn, and of Council of Five Nations.

It happens every year around this time; the Schenectady Wargamers Association starts cranking up the Council of Five Nations machinery once again.  This year will be our 32nd Council, one of the longest-running Adventure Gaming conventions in the world.  Please block-off October 9, 10 & 11 on your calendars.

Dave goes on to underline the need for GMs to run games. Council plans on hosting 125 – 150 events over Columbus Day weekend, which takes quite a few people. As a way of saying thank you to people volunteering their time and energy, GMs get free admission to the convention, as well as swanky GM-only T-shirt embroidered with the Council logo. Folks interested in GMing at Council this year should check out the event submission form. The deadline is Sunday, July 26th, so get those idea furnaces burning.

Council is also sponsoring a tour of the Saratoga battlefield, “cited as the turning point in the American War of Independence.” It’s Friday afternoon of the convention, so you’ll be back in time for the 7:00 PM game slot.


2 thoughts on “Council of Five Nations XXXII

  1. How is it for board gaming? I don’t remember who I heard it from, but I got the sense that Council was hardcore wargaming without a lot of board games. On the other hand, except for NEWars, it’s the closest Con to where I live. Are you going to be running something?

    • At the bottom of Council’s homepage is a series of links to previous years’ event listings. Council 31, for example, seems to have a pretty healthy selection of board games.

      I haven’t yet been to Council myself. This year seems to be the same again, but maybe a day trip would be more feasible than, say, Plymouth, NH, and back in a day. 😉

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