Today the Page, November the Tabletop

Screenshot from Google Docs.

Screenshot from Google Docs.

Here’s a quick peek at the beginning of my GURPS Ghostbusters adventure The Lurker in the Limelight, for Carnage this fall — can you tell I have a long development cycle?

For a while now, I’ve been writing my convention scenarios as though they’ll be published in some form. It helps me focus on the process and really work through possible chains of events if I act as though someone other than me may read and try to use it. I rarely actually write one start to finish, but it helps me get started and pointed in one direction.

Part of this tendency to writing an adventure out formally has to do with how super unprepared I was when I first started doing convention games — at a time when I had never GMed at all, no less. If anyone at Bakuretsucon in 2003 had actually wanted to play Adventure! or WitchCraft, I’d’ve been in deep ca-ca.

At this stage, most of what you see is a rough outline that I’ll fill in later, with names and greater detail as necessary. The list of characters, for example, is just to give me an idea of personalities and who’s filling what role in moving the action forward. “Football jock” will become something more substantive, but for now, I get the idea of their motivation and what good they are fighting ghosts.

Some day, I really will finish one of these, with a proper ending and everything, to a degree that I feel comfortable publishing it on the web. Given how readily the ideas are flowing for this one, The Lurker in the Limelight could be the one.


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