[Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em] GURPS Bio-Tech

The Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em series charts my attempt to read all the books in my gaming library that crept in over the years and went overlooked for too long.

I have a hard time reading equipment books. They’re not meant for linear, first page to last page reading, but that’s how I tend to go at things. So in most of these cases, I do a lot of scanning pages for interesting-looking headings and sidebars. With GURPS Bio-Tech, I lucked out in that it contains two mini-settings in the last or second to last chapter: Alexander Athanatos and Draconis.

Alexander Athanatos describes an alternate history where medical science progressed much more quickly, allowing, among other things, physicians to create clones of Alexander the Great, which filled the power vacuum after his death. That’s pretty neat, stuff. On the other hand, Draconis is a less catchy, more straightforward sandbox premise, where a fleet of colony ships have arrived in a solar system and are poised to begin building a new world, if they can resolve which way to do so.

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