WoAdWriMo 2009

Jeff Rients, founder of World Adventure Writing Month, has opted not to lead the charge this year. It’s a shame, because I think it was a great way to encourage people to actively share gaming content.

While I never actually promulgated anything I wrote for WoAdWriMo, mostly because my GM prep style assumes there’s going to be a lot of improvising and winging it on my part during play, it was useful because last year, I had two convention adventures to write for OGC, which is the last weekend of July. That was perfect timing for WoAdWriMo to get me into the mindset of planning and writing out a structure of events and characters.

Even if the players take off running in a completely different direction than I anticipated — which is the case 90% of the time, like in Band on the Run, a goofy horror adventure I wrote for Carnage 11 — I still have material to be drawn on and adapted as necessary.

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