[Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em] GURPS Fantasy Bestiary

The Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em series charts my attempt to read all the books in my gaming library that crept in over the years and went overlooked for too long.

I’m not one for bestiaries, generally, but I got this one because I thought it might be useful as a place to find stats and critter ideas quickly for customization to my own purposes. And it’s fine for that.

But given it’s a bestiary, it’s a snooze to read. I just skimmed the opening paragraphs of each animal’s entry. There’s a mix of historically mythical and out-right invented creatures, with an emphasis on those found in folklore. Taken out of their native contexts, a lot of these critters lose their resonance. Often, I only read through an entry because I already recognized the creature and was curious to see how the author decided to present it in GURPS terms.

A couple entries seemed like they might be handy for a low fantasy world like I’m envisioning Midgard to be in Highway to Niflheim. A number of creatures in GURPS Fantasy Bestiary are marked as coming from northern Native American cultures, particularly Iroquois. That’s handy for narrowing down what would fit well in the St. Lawrence River valley.

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