Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em

Since 2002, when I first got really interested in RPGs — as opposed to the two or three times beforehand, when I was only slightly interested — I have accumulated a number of game books well out of proportion to the use they see. As these things go, I haven’t yet gotten to reading a good portion of those books. Since March or so, I’ve been making a concerted effort to remedy that.

All my unread RPG books were pulled out to the shelf edge. Once they’re read, they’re pushed back to flush with the back of the shelf, so I have a visual way to gauge how many are to go. The total number was around sixty when I began. Now, I’ve read a lot of those since March. But I still have more to go. Read ‘Em ‘Cause You Got ‘Em will be an ongoing series where I share my thoughts on the books.  For books I read in the past that are added in here after the fact, it’ll probably just be whatever comments I made on the Index. They’ll be added in as time goes by and I’m moved to catch up.

Other entries will be fresh, straight out of my brain after finishing the book. Like, say, the one for Dark Ages: Europe that I write immediately after posting this.

Behind the jump, you’ll find the list as it was when I began keeping track:

  • Authentic Thaumaturgy
  • Kithbook: Nocker
  • Kithbook: Satyr
  • Kithbook: Sluagh
  • Dark Ages: British Isles
  • Dark Ages: Europe
  • Dark Champions
  • Ghostbusters box set
  • Godsend Agenda
  • GURPS Alternate Earths 2
  • GURPS Bio-Tech
  • GURPS Black Ops
  • GURPS Fantasy
  • GURPS Fantasy II
  • GURPS Fantasy Bestiary
  • GURPS High-Tech
  • GURPS Horror
  • GURPS Magic
  • GURPS Magic Items 1
  • GURPS Magic Items 2
  • GURPS Magic Items 3
  • GURPS Mars
  • GURPS Monsters
  • GURPS Powers
  • GURPS Spaces
  • GURPS Spirits
  • GURPS Supers
  • GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars
  • GURPS Ultra-Tech
  • GURPS Villains
  • GURPS Who’s Who 1
  • GURPS WWII Weird War II
  • Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book
  • Celestial Chorus Tradition Book
  • Convention Book: Iteration X
  • Cult of Ectasy Tradition Book
  • Dreamspeakers Tradition Book
  • Technocracy: Iteration X
  • Technocracy: New World Order
  • Technocracy: Progenitors
  • Technocracy: Syndicate
  • Tradition Book: Hollow Ones
  • Crusade Lore
  • The Order of Reason
  • The Swashbucker’s Handbook
  • Nobilis
  • Planescape box set
  • Masterminds and Madmen
  • Crystal Spheres
  • Worlds of Empire
  • Transhuman Space
  • Fifth Wave
  • In the Well
  • Toxic Memes
  • Trinity Field Report: Media
  • Trinity Field Report: Psi Laws
  • Uresia: Grave of Heaven
  • World of Darkness
  • World of Darkness: Sorcerer

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