Planning for Carnage 12

And once again, I have completely booked myself running games at Carnage this year, partly as a Man in Black for Steve Jackson Games and partly as staff for Northeast Wars.

This year, I am running:

  • Friday afternoon: Frag Gold, the good old FPS arena fighter with a component upgrade. Still fun.
  • Friday evening: GURPS Ghostbusters: The Lurker in the Limelight takes a cue from the recently released Ghostbusters video game and brings the boys in grey to Burlington.
  • Saturday morning: Revolution!, a new bidding type game from SJG. It’s a very European design, which is a different kind of thing for them to publish. Should get my copy in the next month or two.
  • Saturday afternoon: GURPS Infinite Worlds: Highway to Niflheim, in which the Infinity Cops travel to Midgard, where Viking societies cover the globe and an innocuous Homeline research station has gone missing.
  • Saturday evening: Arkham Horror, because I love that game and want to play it whenever I can. This is as Northeast Wars staff.
  • Sunday afternoon: Dungeoneer, again as Northeast Wars staff, because it’s a fairly light game for the end of the convention.

See how I cleverly left myself Sunday morning to recover from the Arkham game that will undoubtedly go long and get my crap out of the hotel room?

I really tried to get my head around the way to plan and execute a Boardgamegeek-style math trade for Carnage, but just couldn’t. Last year’s I pulled off by doing a lot of it by hand in a spreadsheet, which apparently some people didn’t care to deal with. I just can’t figure out the way to do it “properly,” despite the many threads and wiki pages on it at BGG. So it goes.


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